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Antai Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer,Vulcanizing Press

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Prensa Modulcar
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Prensa Modulcar
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 Features of PM Prensa:

1. Applicable to the length of conveyor belt joints in more than 1000 mm;

2. Heating even: the use of rubber pressure bag system, heating plate splicing pressure uniform;

3. Light and easy handling, especially for the belt corridor and no lifting equipment on the scene;

4 in the conveyor belt hot stitching easy to adjust;

5. Joint time is short, easy to carry and adjust, save time.

 6.Custom according to conveyor belt width and splice length.

Antai Machinery works on the original old vulcanization machine for technical improvements. In the original old vulcanization machine to obtain good sales results at the same time, to strengthen the technology research and development and technological innovation on the old vulcanization machine, including heating systems, cooling systems, pressurized systems, including all-round improvement With ascension. In research and development on the Qingdao Antai Co., Ltd. received a number of national patents.

First, the heating system

The width of the modern conveyor system is getting bigger and bigger, and the length of the connector is getting longer. Joint curing machine in many cases need to be manually transported to the scene to use; electric heating plate weight, two people do not move, the site conditions are poor, so the workers to increase the labor intensity, extending the conveyor belt time, affecting production efficiency.

Aetna company pressure bag pressure technology, because the pressure is uniform, you can put the large size conveyor system, the use of the vulcanizer designed modular, heating evenly, light weight, so easy to workers on-site handling, saving workers Labor intensity and time.




Second, pressurization and cooling system


Vulcanizing machine unique pressure bag pressure system, is currently the most popular conveyor belt pressure technology.


Suit for various sizes/various materials conveyor belt vulcanization pressure.




Pressure bag system saves 75% weight than the general vulcanization press plate;

Flexible pressurized stroke large, uniform pressure area, good scalability;

The general pressure plate four edges without pressure, but the pressure bag system can meet the curing requirements;

Pressure bag system can be used up and down conveyor belt;

Provide pressure uniformity; ensure fancy splice joint quality, surface smooth;

Suit for water or air.


Antai company develops quick cooling system, which is build-in the heating platen; Shorten the cooling time from 145 degree to 70 degree in 15 minutes



Safe and lightweight

Good insulation effect;

Cooling time fast,

Belt conveyor can be used quickly;

Save 50% conveyor belting time