Antai Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer,Vulcanizing Press

Antai Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer,Vulcanizing Press

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1) What’s the advantge between you and other suppliers?


Q: What is your advantage between you are other suppliers?

A:We have our own Conveyor belting splice team and a wealth of experience in producing vulcanizing machines. Through continuous improvement, our products enjoy a high reputation both at home and abroad users. We have made a large investment in 2009, developed Antai Own Pressure Bag and Flexible Heating Element, which give an advantage in cost.


Main features:

 1. Using classic high-strength aluminum alloy beams; All press vulcanizer machines have passed the strength test; Test pressure of 2.5Mpa;

 2. New pressure bag pressure system save more than 75% weight than the traditional model; New  heating platen, high efficiency, fast heating speed.  

3. Build-in water cooling system reduces cooling time to 5-10 minutes.

4. Most durable steel clamp device

5. New structure of the heating platen, can use pressure pump for water cooling directly;



02) Q: Can you custom the heating platen as our request? Like 22 degree or rectangle? 


A: Yes, as a vulcanizing press manufacturer we produce as customers request, most of the customers ask 22 degree or 18 degree. Please inform us the requirements of the degree before order. Rectangle type heating platen is also optional. Both heating platen and pressure bag have no problem.


03) Q: Whether you can change the positions of the heating platen power connectors?


A: Yes, please show us the connectors type and positions with your picture or drawing,  also change the water inlet on the pressure bag is available.


04) Q: Can we replace spare parts on our old machines?


A: Yes. Like aluminum bars, bolts, pressure bag, heating platen will come with control box & cable etc.


05) Q: If only heating platen for the old machine, whether can work with the old controller?


A: It’s  a pity, our heating platen must need use our controller and cable cords.


06 ) Q: What about the delivery time?


A: Normally the vulcanizing press machine can be produced within one week, special model within 20 days.


07 ) Q: We need your press machine for our present project, what can you do with it?


A: According to our production plan, it is possible to control it in 2 weeks.


08) Q: Can you make more safe 3 phase 5 wires power system?


A: Yes, no problem. It’s optional. We can make special use 5 wires plugs and sockets.


09) Q: Can you make the machines at 220V 3 phase or single phase, or 480V, 440V etc.?


A: Yes, no problem. Different countries are using different voltage, same country also have different standard; 220V, 380V, 400V, 440V, 480V,525V,660V 3 phase, 50Hz or 60Hz is available. Just tell us the voltage you are using, also two different voltage for single is optional.


10) Q: What about working pressure for the vulcanizing machine?


A: Normal the 1.5 Mpa suit for various conveyor belt, Fabrics ply pressure is 0.7Mpa, EP belt 1.2 Mpa, for steel cord belt normal is 200PSI=1.4Mpa.Our machine up to 2.0 Mpa.


11) Q: Will you test the machine before shipping?


A: Yes, each machine, we will install and test before shipping. And testing pressure is higher than working pressure.


12) Q. What about your clamp device?


A:it is steel for enough strength.


13) Q: Can you OEM the vulcanizing machine for us? We want to distribute them in our area.


A: You are the most welcome; please send us the clear drawing of your logo, also the authorization paper to allow us to print your logo.


14) Q: What’s the widest belt can we get?


A: 3400mm width belt for Chile client. Also we need to know all details for your project.


15) Q: What if we visit your workshop and check your pressure vulcanize on site?


A: It is our pressure of your visit. As Chinese top rank supplier we also have rubber vulcanizing press on process. Also we show you how to operate our machine on site.


16) Q: We have no idea exact machine for our project, can you offer us a solution?


A: Yes, please let me know the belt type, belt strength (if steel cord belt, like ST2500 etc.), max belt width, our chief engineer who is also master of a 20 years experience splicer team will offer a best solution.


 17) Q: How to confirm a most suit able vulcanizing machine?


A: You are requested to offer follow information:

1.        Belting conveyor type: rubber belt, steel cord belt, PVC belt or other type belts;

2.         Max belt width ;

3.        Heating Platen Length or max splicing length and the Bais angle;

       (You can get such length from belt manufacturer recommendation) or notice us belt model, our engineers will help you to confirm it.  

4.        Working Pressure;(If know is better, or we will make accords to the belt that you will splice)

5.         Working Voltage.