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Steel Cord Belt Stripping Machine
Product Name:
Steel Cord Belt Stripping Machine
Model No. :

 Field of application:


The DB-G stripping winch machine has been designed for fast and clean stripping of steel cables on conveyor belt heads which are to be spliced. This operation can be carried out in the vulcanizing shop or on site. 

The stripping winch consists of cutting unit, pulling unit and slide unit.

The DB-G advance cutting unit is suitable for cable pitches from 10-20mm and for cables diameters from 4.9-13.2mm the rubber cover thickness can be

up to 12mm on the running side and up to 25mm on the carrying side. The total belt thickness can be up to 40mm.


The DB-G advance stripping winch offers the following advantages:

1.No turning of the belt, because the rubber cover on both carrying side and running side is removed in one single operation.

2.The steel cables remain embedded in a thin rubber layer ensuring high adhesion of the core rubber within the splice.

3.Easy handing and tremendous time saving in comparison to conventional manual stripping methods and therefore considerable labor reduction.


Functional description:

The cutting unit enables fast stripping of steel cables on conveyor belt heads for subsequent vulcanization.

After an approx 200mm wide strip of the rubber cover has been removed manually across the belt on carrying side and running side, mechanical stripping of the steel cables can be started on the left hand side of the belt (in direction of belt end ) .

 The cutting depth can be adjusted according to rubber cover thickness. Especially designed blades are used for each individual cable diameter. The staggered arrangement of 2 blades with an adjustable counter pressure roller each ensures exact guiding for the cutting unit along the steel cables and can be adjusted to a cable pitch from 10-25mm.

 The pulling unit (cable winch) supplies the pulling strength required for stripping a steel cable of the belt.

 The slide unit serves as an anchorage for the pulling unit and ensures its stability. The slide unit enables the pulling unit to be positioned always in a right angle to the cutting unit which is the optimum angle fro stripping. The slide unit is available in a length of 3 m (for belt width≤2200mm)and 4m(for belt width2200mm).

 The cable stripping system can be operated by just 2 persons.


Parts of system:

cutting unit (including based equipment)

pulling unit

slide unit (3m or 4m)