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Anti-explosion Vulcanizing Press for Coal Mine
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Anti-explosion Vulcanizing Press for Coal Mine
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 Explosion - proof conveyor belt vulcanizing machine

LBD series of mine explosion-proof electric vulcanizing machine can be directly used for coal mine (or the same explosion-proof level of the environment) conveyor belt splicing, repair conveyor belt. It is the coal industry transport machinery belt install equipment. With a small size, light weight, easy disassembly, heating up fast, uniform temperature, safe and reliable work and so on. LBD series conveyor belt vulcanizer suit for PVC / PVG mine with the whole core flame retardant conveyor belt, fabric ply conveyor belt, steel cord rubber conveyor belt.

LBD series explosion-proof electric vulcanizing machine technical performance, inspection rules and so on to meet the MT / T978-2006 "mine explosion-proof vulcanizing machine" in the relevant provisions passed the national mining inspection test.

Flameproof vulcanizing machine is made up of explosion-proof electric control box, explosion-proof electric plate, explosion-proof connector and explosion-proof cable and so on. The parameters are slightly changed on the basis of general-purpose vulcanizing machine.

Main features of LBD conveyor belt vulcanizer:

1 The quality of the joint tape: joint strength of more than 95% of the original band, the surface roughness error of 0.5 mm, tape vertical 0 mm.

2 The pressure used in the international advanced capsule pressure technology, the main components used in Germany imports, equipment, light, pressure evenly.

3 Electric heating: the use of the most advanced sub-type electric heating plate, heating evenly, easy handling and display.

4  Cooling technology: the use of German imports of external rubber cooler, safe and lightweight, cooling time fast.