Antai Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer,Vulcanizing Press

Antai Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer,Vulcanizing Press

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ZLJ Sectional Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer
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ZLJ Sectional Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer
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The ZLJ rubber vulcanizing press from Antai Machinery is the world’s preferred heavyweight belt sectional vulcanizing press.
Distinguished by the core competencies of Antai technology,
the ZLJ press is designed and assembled with the following components:



Signature Antai “Pressure Bag” uniform pressure system

Special designed cooling system within platens

Innovative “Silicone Element” fast heating system

Light but sturdy structure of extruded aluminum alloy traverse beam

Classic ZLJ control box for reliable control

QL Electronic Pump shorten pressure rising time


Machine Specification

1.       Voltage: 220V 380V 415V 525V 660V 50HZ/60HZ

2.  Quick water cooling device: 15 minutes (from 145 down to 70 or even lower)

3.  Heating time: from room temperature to vulcanization temperature of no more than 25 minutes

4. Heating plate surface temperature difference: ± 1

5. The temperature adjustment range: 0 ~ 200 (custom)

6. Vulcanization pressure: Max 2.5MPa.

7. Curing temperature: 0 ~ 99min (according to the thickness of the belt to adjust)

8. QL Electric pump 



Before place one order, please confirm


1.       Conveyor belt width;

2.       Splice length;

3.       Bias Angle;

4.       Vulcanization pressure.

5.       Voltage

Download ZLJ Sectional Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer Specification