Antai Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer,Vulcanizing Press

Antai Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer,Vulcanizing Press

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Antai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd under the able guidance & leadership of  the Qingdao Antai Heavy group of  Industries, that started its operations since 2001, has today grown to be one of the largest providers of complete conveyor belt vulcanizing solutions to major industry players.
 Over the years, we have grown from being a small workshop that started Antai mechanical works to one of the largest manufacturers of industrial grade conveyor belt vulcanizer. Our foray into the manufacture of conveyor belt press vulcanizer came with the establishment of Qingdao Antai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
 Serving the growing needs of conveyor splice belting project in China and also around the world, we have constantly upgraded our product  to use top rank pressure bag and flexible heating element . Today, Antai Machinery is a industry leader in the manufacture and export of world class conveyor belt vulcanizing press and vulcanizer machinery for the belt conveyor industry.
 Antai Vulcanizer  Product Range:
ZLJ sectional conveyor belt vulcanizer;
LBD explosion-proof vulcanizing press;
Modular steel cord conveyor belt vulcanzing machine;
Super Spotter belt repair press;
 Antai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd  Advanced Facilities
We have a state-of the-art-manufacturing unit located in Qingdao - the rubber machinery hub of China. Spread over 5400 sq. m., the plant includes a shed area of 3,800 sq. m. Equipped with advanced machinery, the facilities are managed by a dedicated workforce of 80 highly trained experience personnel. To achieve a high degree of efficiency & flexibility in production, we have integrated all our manufacturing operations.
Some our infrastructural highlights :
Hi-Tech Workshop
Doosan Horizontal Machining Center
CNC Vertical Machining Centers
CNC Lathes
5 * 3 m Rubber Vulcanizer
Fully Equipped Foundry
Product Test Centre
Research & Development Depratment
Product Development is integral to the growth & future prospects of any organization. At Antai, we have comprehensive R&D programs powered by cutting-edge equipment & latest methodologies to keep our product line one step ahead of the industrial standards.
Technological Excellence:
 At Antai, our technological excellence is a blend of our in-house development initiatives and collaboration with technology leaders from around the world. By keeping ourselves abreast of the latest technological developments and incorporating the same into our stable, we have maintained the leading edge over our competitors over the years.
Qingdao Antai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd Customized machines:
 We recognize the industry need for high performance machinery that caters to specific application demands of individual manufacturers. With our expertise & technological excellence, we have the capability to serve the varying production demands of belt installon in terms of materials, designs & fabrication requirements. By building machinery tailor-made for customer specific application, we aim to boost the productivity of their operations. It is in their growth and success that we see our own future.
 Serving Customer Needs:
 We have a well-established distribution base to cater to the product & service demands of our customers. Synergizing our vast resources and network of associates, we serve to provide our customers with the finest products and services they require to augment their capabilities & profitability.
 Providing cost-effective & highly durable machinery, we serve a growing list of customer that include some of the giants of the conveyor belting field. With over 4500 installation around the country and all over the world, we can proudly lay claim to have earned the loyalty & appreciation of our ever-widening base of customers. We look forward to serving the needs of future customers with quality & integrity.